Vario roller blinds – at Sunshade Giant\'s® low prices

Vario roller blinds - versatile light artist for windows.

Vario roller blinds combine elegant design and modern multifunctionality in one. The fabric hanging in two layers of horizontal fabric strips of different transparency allows for a totally individual adjustment of light transmission. There are always two fabrics combined, one of which is transparent, meaning that it allows a lot of light to pass through, and one that is also translucent but opaque. Depending on how you arrange the strips on top of each other, you enable more or less light incidence of different color intensity. Vario roller blinds are an extraordinary window decoration and true eye-catchers, offering you privacy, darkening or impressive light impressions, depending on the setting. It goes without saying that our vario roller blinds are characterized by modern production methods, high-quality material and robust, state-of-the-art installation. Order now your brand vario roller blind in professional quality directly in Sunshade Giant\'s® online store!

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