Pleated blinds - practical privacy and sun protection

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The literal meaning of pleated blind is derived from the French term for "pleated" and is based on the characteristic look of the window protection. Due to their appearance, these interior fabrics are also called folding blinds. The characteristic appearance of a pleated blind creates a neat and clearly structured look of the window and rooms. However, a pleated blind not only has visual advantages, but also offers practical benefits, as it is easy and space-saving to install and can be adjusted to individual lighting preferences at any time. Our pleated blinds are characterized by modern production procedures, high-quality material and robust attachment. For every window there are perfectly fitting pleated blinds, so the desired view as well as the incident light can be regulated comfortably and precisely. Pleated blinds are not limited to windows, but are also used on doors and as elements of room structuring. Order now your brand sun protection in professional quality directly in Sonnenschutz Riese\'s® online store!

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