Pleated blinds made of translucent but opaque fabrics

Opaque pleated blinds with 100% low price guarantee!

Opaque and translucent at the same time? No problem! Opaque and translucent pleated blinds are particularly suitable for living rooms and offices, but also for bathrooms. They are used wherever curious looks from the outside should be screened and at the same time a filtered, natural daylight is desired. Opaque fabrics create beautiful light reflections in the rooms thanks to their translucency. Even if the light is switched on in the evening, with opaque and translucent pleated blinds only contours are visible from the outside. During the day, it is pleasantly bright in the room. At the same time, opaque and translucent pleated blinds provide slight protection from the sun. With large window fronts pleated blinds protect against unnecessary energy loss.

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