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Our online store offers a wide selection of sunshades, window decoration and insect protection for inside and outside. We also offer a wide range of solutions for privacy screens, whether for bathrooms and bedrooms or for balconies and terraces. Discover our wide range of customized pleated blinds, roller blinds, duo pleated blinds, Raffrollos and vertical blinds for inside or awnings and insect protection for outside and compose them in our user-friendly configurator. Have you got any questions about our products or would you like to find out more about our offer? Please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer service they will be glad to help!
Pleated blinds
Our pleated blinds - More than 1000 fabrics and 13 rail colors, sfor a combination that suits everybody!
Duo pleated blinds
Duo pleated blinds or double pleated blinds, flexible sunshade with 2 layers.
Roller blinds
High-quality custom-made roller blinds, as roller blind or Klemmfix roller blind.
Vario roller blinds
Vario roller blinds - Functional sun protection with impressive light effects.
Insect protection
Custom-made insect protection - protect your home from uninvited guests!
Vertical blinds
Vertical blinds - The classic window decoration - not only for offices and medical centers.
Custom-made awnings - functional and durable, whether electric or as classic manual awning.
Roman blinds
Roman blinds decorative sunshade and practical curtain replacement in one.

Pleated blinds as sunshade for windows and conservatories

Pleated blinds, which are fixed directly in the window molding or on the frame, are a very versatile sun shade, which is also easy to install. The pleated blinds are made of folded fabric panels that can be pushed together and pulled apart like an accordion. The fabrics are available in various degrees of transparency, so you can choose between sun protection, sight protection or darkening. Systems with two types of fabrics can combine sight and sun protection or darkening in one. A wide selection of fabric colors, patterns and structures allows an immense range of design options for sun shading with pleated blinds. Hardly any other type of sun protection can be tailored to your needs as variable as a pleated system. In addition to the other advantages of pleated blinds, honeycomb pleated blinds also offer a certain insulation performance, help reduce heating costs and thus contribute to climate protection. Different installation methods allow solutions for almost all types and sizes of windows, including skylights, conservatory windows and windows in special shapes. For conservatory windows, the usual tension cords are replaced by plastic-coated tension wires, which are very stable and UV-resistant. The delivery of our pleated blinds includes all installation material according to the ordered installation method.

Vertical blinds as a practical sunshade system.

A vertical blind refers to vertically hanging, narrow fabric panels that can be rotated by a turning mechanism from parallel to the window surface to perpendicular to it. This allows for stepless adjustment of the sun shading on the windows. Vertical blinds are most suitable for upright windows, as the slats hang. They are widely used in offices and stores, banks, travel agencies or similar service providers. However, a wide range of colors and fabrics now makes the vertical blinds more and more interesting for living spaces as well. Likewise, vertical blinds are very suitable as decorative room dividers. Just like our pleated blinds, vertical blinds can be custom designed and ordered online.

Custom-made insect protection.

In times of climate change, insect protection is becoming increasingly important, even in our latitudes. Even more important than with sun shading, insect screens must fit precisely to the openings on the house that are to be protected, whether that is a window, skylight or door. Folding or sliding insect screens that are attached to windows or doors must fill the window or door opening precisely and tightly when the window or door is open. This is the only way to ensure optimal protection from flies, mosquitoes and moths during ventilation or at night when you want to sleep with the window open. Because they are easier to install, insect blinds are a popular alternative. Here, special care must be taken to ensure that there are no slits at the sides through which unwanted guests can slip into the house. We will be glad to advise you on which insect protection method is suitable for you.

Roller blinds and duo pleated blinds.

Roller blinds must not be confused with roller shutters. While the latter are mounted in a roller shutter box on the outside of the window and are made of wood or plastic, roller blinds are fabric panels attached to the inside of the window. The roller blinds are raised or lowered by means of a turning device located at the top. Through the choice of fabric, it can be decided what function the roller blind should have: visual protection, sun protection, or darkening. A special form of the roller blind are duo pleated blinds, which meets the need for variable application possibilities. Using strips in different levels of transparency, which can be arranged on top of each other as required by the side chain pull, the double roller blind allows transparent and darkening setting variants. Of course, it can also be pulled up to completely uncover the window. We also offer a wide range of fabrics and colors for roller blinds and double roller blinds, leaving you with no design wishes unfulfilled. In addition to sun and sight shading, roller blinds can also be used for insect protection. Configure the roller blinds you need according to function, fabric selection, size and installation variation. We will send you the roller blinds or double roller blinds made exactly according to your measurements and for your purpose, including mounting material, in no time.

Awnings - Sun shadig for the outdoor season.

Awnings provide reliable sun shading in front of stores and cafes, on terraces and in conservatories. Properly laid out and equipped with the right fabric, can even be rain protection. The only thing awnings do not like is strong wind. When wind comes up they should be retracted or automatically retracted via an automatic retraction system controlled by an anemometer. The most important thing is a solid attachment to the wall, from which the awning is rolled out. Even without the effect of wind, the attachment is exposed to high loads due to the strong leverage. Therefore, the installation of an awning should be left to a skilled craftsman. Modern folding arm awnings are easy to operate both with a hand crank and electrically. The sun protection is extended in no time and retracted again when the wind or rain starts. Find out about the colors and qualities of our awning fabrics and configure your individual awning.

Roman blinds - Sophisticated window decoration.

You are looking for a decorative, new curtain replacement, but do not want to go without a functional sight and sun shading? Then we recommend our custom Roman blinds. Our Roman blinds are ideal for any room where you want to do without curtains, but not a nicely decorated window. Depending on the chosen fabric, optimal privacy and sun protection is ensured. When installing the Roman blinds, there are several options to choose from. For example, the roller blind can be mounted with screws on the window sash, under the ceiling or in front of the window recess. We also offer a "drill-free" installation method. The Roman blind is attached to the window sash using clamp brackets, which is a good fastening option, especially for rented apartments. Drilling or screwing is not necessary and the window is not damaged.